We are committed to the use of materials that can be recycled and reused. That is why we use cardboard personalized boxes for sending coffee throughout Slovenia, which is made from recycled cardboard, which has already been used in the past. We work with a company that uses recycled cardboard for all its products, thus helping to reduce large amounts of waste.


We use CO2-neutral bags for packing coffee and cascara. What does this actually mean? In the process of making the bag, the manufacturer reduces the amount of carbon dioxide produced with modern technologies and thus reduces the carbon footprint. The bags are made with a minimal carbon footprint, and the company itself makes good use of the resulting gas in production itself. At the same time, the bags are made of a single material, so they are suitable for recycling. Due to the quality of the materials, they are also very long and reusable.


In addition to purchasing through the online store, Banibeans coffee can also be purchased in the ZERO WASTE way. How? In the CHA teahouse in Citypark, it is possible to buy coffee with your own packaging. Order your favorite coffee in the teahouse, choose a grind size, and use your coffee packaging when you buy it. The next day or the day you set for collection, the ordered zero waste coffee is already waiting for you.


The coffee range is complemented by the most sustainably tuned cups currently on the market that support the circular economy. It is ideal for all coffee lovers who would like to contribute their share to a cleaner environment at the same time. You wonder what material it is made of. It is made from COFFEE USED COFFEE GROUNDS, which is recycled and reused. Due to its material, the cup is very light, but at the same time, it is tough to break and destroy (for all those a little more awkward). It’s dishwasher safe.

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