Banibeans Kenya Ndaroini

Kenya Ndaroini, light to medium roasted coffee beans from the Nyeri region. Within the region, there is a growing community called Ndaroini. It is a significant association where growers help each other, constantly cooperate, and continuously improve the quality of their coffee cherries.

Coffee is characterized by sweet flavors of dried fruit and honey and the freshness of lemongrass, which provides an excellent aftertaste.

Kenyan coffee enjoys a reputation for high-quality coffee. The coffee is exceptionally whole and leaves in the mouth unknown flavors typical only for this African country’s coffees. Farmers care about the immense quality of the grain produced, which is also shown by the very high score (86.25)

Ndroini is suitable for practically all preparation methods. It is excellent for all filter preparation methods, and it also leaves an exceptional taste as ibrik and coffee makers.

Kavne note:  limonska trava, med
Država: Kenija
Regija:  Nyeri 
Nadmorska višina: 1800m
Botanična vrsta: 100% Arabica 
Botanična sorta: SL28, SL34
Coffee score:  86.25
Priporočena priprava: za vse priprave 

Neto teža: 250g





Coffee: 20g

Water: 300g

Blooming phase: 30s

Extraction time: 2min 50s

Temperature: 91 ° C (if the coffee is completely freshly roasted) or 92 ° C (a few weeks after roasting)


Coffee: 20g

Water: 400g

Blooming phase: 30s

Extraction time: 3min

Temperature: 91 ° C (if the coffee is completely freshly roasted) or 92 ° C (a few weeks after roasting)

Kenya Ndaroini is packaged in bags that are CO2 neutral. This means that the company has made sure that emissions from production are kept to a minimum through investment and technology. Of course, emissions still occur in small quantities. Therefore, the company funds organizations that reforest South America, which makes the carbon footprint of the bags and the company itself neutral or even negative.