Ethiopia Bensa is a fruity chocolate coffee that comes from the Sidama Bensa region. It is the result of the cooperation of different farms. The beans are carefully selected to provide the customer with a sweet-fruity cup of coffee. As the locals call it – coffee for the people .

Coffee beans are characterized by forest flavors with shades of dark chocolate. Due to its balance, it is suitable for both chocolate espresso and sweet filters.

Coffee beans are certified as organically grown coffee, which ensures their traceability from producer to consumer. The producers are also part of the RainForest Alliance, an international non-profit organization that ensures the preservation of forests, the adaptation of coffee production to climatic conditions, and the improvement of living conditions in the community.

Kavne note: Čokolada, citrusi, črni čaj
Država: Etiopija
Regija: Bensa Sidama
Nadmorska višina: 1900- 2000m
Botanična vrsta: 100% Arabika
Botanična sorta: Heirloom
Coffee score: 83.25
Priporočena priprava: espresso, filter

Neto teža: 250g





Coffee: 19g

Water: 290g

Blooming phase: 25s

Extraction time: 2min 40s

Temperature: 91 ° C (if the coffee is completely freshly roasted) or 92 ° C (a few weeks after roasting)


Coffee: 19g

Water: 400g

Blooming phase: 27 – 30s

Extraction time: 2min 50s

Temperature: 91 ° C (if the coffee is completely freshly roasted) or 92 ° C (a few weeks after roasting)

Ethiopia Bensa is packaged in CO2-neutral bags. This means that the company has made sure that emissions from production are kept to a minimum through investment and technology. Of course, emissions still occur in small quantities. Therefore, the company funds organizations that reforest South America, which makes the carbon footprint of the bags and the company itself neutral or even negative.