Banibeans Ethiopia Aricha

Ethiopia Aricha is a complex coffee that comes from the Yirgacheffe region. The Aricha region offers excellent coffee of a washed and natural process, and mainly naturally processed coffees are incredibly full-bodied.

These are coffee beans with pronounced fruity and floral notes, especially characteristic of the Arich area. The coffee is dominated by cocoa flavors, which are nicely complemented by fruity notes.

It is suitable for making excellent espresso, creamy ibrik, and it also has an exceptional taste as a filter coffee.

The ancient African process revived Faysel A. Yonis at Aricha Station. With commitments to sustainable and socially responsible collaboration with the community, elevated Aricha is among the most famous African coffees.

Kavne note: kakav, sadne note
Država: Ethiopia
Regija: Yirgacheffe, Aricha
Nadmorska višina: 2150m
Botanična vrsta: 100% Arabica
Botanična sorta: Heirloom
Coffee score: 83.75 
Priporočena priprava: za vse priprave 

Neto teža: 250g





Coffee: 18g

Water: 270g

Blooming phase: 35s

Extraction time: 2min 40s

Temperature: 88 ° C (if the coffee is completely freshly roasted) or 90 ° C (a few weeks after roasting)


Coffee: 20g

Water: 360g

Blooming phase: 35s

Extraction time: 3min

Temperature: 88 ° C (if the coffee is completely freshly roasted) or 89 ° C (a few weeks after roasting)

Ethiopia Aricha is packaged in bags that are CO2 neutral. This means that the company is making sure that the emissions from production are kept to a minimum through their investment and technology. Of course, emissions still occur in small quantities. The company, therefore, funds organizations that reforest South America, which makes the carbon footprint of the bags and the company itself neutral or even negative.