Thermal shocked/washed

El Paraiso Farm is one of the most famous farms in all of Colombia. It is renowned for the exceptional quality of its coffee beans and for its experimental coffee processing methods.

Yenni’s family owned a remote farm, but Yenni and her brother Diego saw an opportunity to produce first-class coffee of the highest quality. While Diego was studying, Yenni was experimenting and researching coffee processing. This led to the development of Thermal Shock, a completely new way of processing coffee where the beans are subjected to a temperature shock. It is a completely new way of processing and more and more farmers are turning to this type of processing, especially in Colombia for its clean and strong flavours.

The coffee is characterised by the sweet notes of nougat combined with the delicate flavours of jasmine. It is particularly suitable for filter brewing, where the delicate flavours are beautifully expressed.

Notes: nougat, jasmin
Origin country: Colombia
Process: Thermal shock/washed
Region: Cauca
Altitude: 1750m
Farm: El Paraiso
Botanical variety: Castillo
Suggested preparation: filter

Net weight: 250g


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