Banibeans Brasil Cerrado

The coffee beans of this Brazilian chocolate coffee come from the most famous region of this South American country, Cerrado. It is one of the largest coffee regions in Brazil, known for its coffees with a characteristic “Brazilian taste”. I have more chocolate, nutty, earthy flavors in mind, which are usually distinguished by coffee beans. For this purpose, the producer has received a number of certificates, with which it can boast that it represents a region with flavors that cannot be found anywhere else in the world due to its soil.

Brasil Cerrado is therefore characterized mainly by chocolate, at times bitter flavors (due to coffee notes), which go well with a classic and creamy espresso, and it is also excellent for preparation in a moka pot and as ibrik.

Kavne note: mlečna čokolada, kakav
Vrsta procesa: Pulped natural
Država: Brasil
Regija: Cerrado
Nadmorska višina: 900 - 1100m
Botanična vrsta: Arabica
Botanična sorta: Yellow Catuai
Coffee score: 84
Priporočena priprava: espresso, kafetiera

Neto teža: 250g