Banibeans Salvador Finca Sabaneta

The coffee beans come from Finca Sabaneta, a small farm in the Santa Ana region of El Salvador. Daisy Milena Contreras de Miralba has been looking after the coffee farm for more than a decade. She produces coffee beans on 14 hectares, making it one of the smaller coffee farms. Finca Sabaneta is on the border with Guatemala, and Milena inherited the farm from her father and is one of the few women who still manages the process from growing the coffee plant to processing the coffee cherries completely independently. Although she has been focusing on Washed processing, this year she also managed to produce a few bags of naturally processed Red Bourbon.

The beans of this Central American coffee have sweet flavours of caramel and cherry. A full coffee body can be detected. The coffee is suitable for espresso (including Turkish, cafetiere) as well as for all filter preparations (V60, Chemex, Frencpress…).

Notes: caramel, cherry
Process: Natural
Origin country: El Salvador 
Region: Santa Ana 
Altitude: 1200m 
Botanical variety: Red Boubon 
Coffee score: 86 
Recommended preparation: Espresso, aeropress

Net weight: 250g