Rwanda Gasharu Ireme’s coffee beans come from the western part of Rwanda, specifically from the Nyamasheke region. The Gasharu team is one of the most well-known in the field of innovative ways of coffee processing in Africa.

Once the coffee beans have been harvested, they are immediately sealed in small containers in which anaerobic fermentation takes place for 72 hours. Fermentation is followed by classic/traditional drying on African tables, which lasts from 25-30 days.

The result of this innovative process is an extremely rich coffee, with pronounced notes of fermentation, sweet fruit (mango), fresh acids (raspberry) and dark chocolate. Great for filter and espresso preparation. FAF (funky as fuck) coffee beans !!

Notes: mango, raspberry, dark chocolate 
Country: Rwanda 
Process type: Experimental/anaerobic 
Region: Nyamasheke 
Altitude: 1610m - 2100m 
Farm: Gasharu 
Botanical variety: Bourbon 
Coffee score: 88.25 
Recommended preparation: filter & espresso
Net weight: 250g