Kenya Chorongi coffee beans come from the Nyeri region, which is known for its exceptionally fertile soil and outstanding coffee cherries. The Nyeri region is located on the slopes of Mount Kenya and, together with the neighbouring Kirinyaga region, is known worldwide for its coffee with an intense, complex and aromatic profile.

The beans of the SL34 and SL28 varieties are processed using the classic washed process, which is very popular and widespread in Kenya. The washed process produces extremely clean and distinctly fruity notes.

The coffee is characterised by fruity flavours of lemongrass and plum, and the beans are much more suitable for filter coffee due to their fruity profile.

Notes: lemongrass, plum
Country: Kenya
Process: washed/
Region: Nyeri
Altitude: 1800m
Botanical variety: SL34, SL28
Coffee score: 88
Recommended preparation: filter

Net weight: 250g