Banibeans Ethiopia Shantawene

Ethiopia Shantawene represents the highest quality coffee beans held by Ethiopian coffees. These beans were grown under the supervision of the most famous grower in Ethiopia, who also took care of Ethiopia Benso last year.

Coffee is characterized by pronounced fruit flavors, and due to the natural way of processing, the flavors are sweet. It is especially suitable for filter preparation, and it is also perfectly creamy as an espresso. When I roasted it for the first time and prepared it myself, I described it as by far the best coffee in the Banibeans offer from the very beginning. I was absolutely blown away.

Notes: citrus, kiwi, bergamot
Origin country: Etiopija
Process: Natural
Region: Bensa 
Aktitude: 1600m 
Botanical variety: Heirloom
Coffee score: 86.5 
Recommended preparation: v60, aeropress, chemex

Net weight: 250g