Banibeans Slavador El Cocal

El Cocal coffee beans come from a region rich in volcanic soil and are known for their excellent growing conditions for coffee. The beans are grown by the Alfaro family, who already have a lot of experience in growing and processing coffee. In recent years, it has focused mainly on innovative ways of processing coffee beans. One of these methods is anaerobic fermentation (the practice of processing coffee beans El Salvador El Cocal).

Fermentation of coffee beans is carried out in airtight containers, where the cherries are anaerobically fermented for 168 hours. Due to fermentation, coffee has an entirely unique taste. After fermentation, the coffee cherries are placed on unique tables where the coffee is dried, and the cherries develop a fruity and sweet taste.

It is a unique coffee, the first fermented in the Banibeans offer. The flavors are very intense, and the coffee is suitable for all types of preparation due to its exceptional quality and fermentation.

Notes: kiwi, tropical fruit
Origin country: El Salvador 
Process: Anaerobic
Region: Apaneca
Altitude: 1300m
Botanical variety: Yellow Bourbon
Coffee score: 88.5
Suggested preparation: for all preparations

Net weight: 250g

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