Carbonic maceration

Our first COMPETITION coffee beans, a line of exceptional quality and unique coffee, processed in innovative ways by the world’s best coffee growers.

The first coffee in this series comes from Colombia, from one of the first growers to start fermenting coffee back in 2015, Rafel Amaya. Caturra beans undergo Carbonic maceration. This innovative process results in exceptionally sweet notes of chocolate, with a very pleasant fruity raspberry (fermented) acidity. Pure coffee perfection, with a flavour profile you’ve never tasted before!!

Notes: Fermented raspberry
Country: Colombia
Process type: Carbonic Maceration
Region: Ororapa, Huila
Altitude: 1800m - 1900m
Farm: La Virginia
Botanical variety: Caturra
Coffee score: 87
Recommended preparation: filter

Net weight: 200g