Banibeans Colombia Geisha Deiby Sanchez

Colombia Geisha Deiby Sanchez is a coffee of the highest quality class. Anyone who follows the world of specialty coffee in a little more detail knows that geisha is the most prized botanical variety of coffee in the world. Geishas from all over the world achieve the best results in all coffee competitions, and the first Banibeans geisha can also boast of this.

It is a coffee produced by Deiby Sanchez, a young farmer from Colombia, specifically from the Huila region. He is really dedicated to coffee, constantly cares about quality, and is also very environmentally conscious due to his youth. Coffee is characterized by pure flavors that are easily recognizable. Due to their clean and balanced taste, geishas are considered real queens among coffees. The coffee could be described as very exotic, and we can detect pineapple flavors combined with floral notes.

It is most suitable for preparation with Chemex, v60 filter preparation, Aeropress, French press. In the mentioned preparations, the flavors of coffee are most pronounced, which are extremely exciting.

Kavne note: ananas, cvetlice
Država: Kolumbija 
Regija: Huila 
Nadmorska višina: 1850m 
Botanična vrsta: 100% Arabica 
Botanična sorta: Geisha
Coffee score: 87.25 
Priporočena priprava: filter 

Neto teža: 250g