Carlos Mario Gallego represents the third generation of coffee growing in Colombia. The farm has more than 70 years of experience in coffee production and processing. The farm is spread over 9 hectares, where only high quality coffee cherries (Wush Wush, Castillo, Geisha…) are grown.

Don Gallego coffee beans are characterised by notes of rum, sweet blueberry and delicate plum flavours. The coffee is extremely sweet. Even when tasted, the coffee really stood out because of its sweetness and its pleasant taste of rum.

It is a coffee that goes incredibly well both on the filter (V60, Chemex….) and as an espresso coffee.

Notes: rum, blueberry, plum
Origin country: Colombia
Process: Natural
Region: Risaralda
Altitude: 1950m
Botanical variety: Castillo
Suggested preparation: espresso & filter

Net weight: 250g