Banibeans Cascara Alcatraz

Cascara could be described as a “blend” of coffee and tea but tastes more or less reminiscent of tea. These are dried peels of coffee strawberries, which leave a pleasant fruity-sweet taste when extracted with cold or hot water. Cascara is a mild caffeinated beverage as it contains several times less caffeine than coffee and is, therefore, suitable for many refreshing drinks. In addition, many people prepare it instead of morning green or black tea. Due to the high antioxidants and low caffeine content, many people feel more “fresh” and with much more energy after drinking cascara.

The farm where Cascara comes from is called Alcatraz, from the Huila region of Colombia. The coffee is grown on 5 hectares. They grow Typico, Bourbon, Geisha, and Cattura at an altitude of somewhere between 1700 -1800m. It is a small family farm that has been producing coffee for over 20 years. The farm is also involved in cupping. They also set up a cupping laboratory years ago, where they carefully examined each of their coffees to improve the quality of their crop constantly.

Priprava: cold brew, čaj

Država porekla: Kolumbija

Regija: Huila

Neto teža: 150g



Cascara can be prepared in several ways. The most popular is cold brew mode (extraction in ice water) and cascara tea.

Cold brew

The cold-brew method: soak about 25-30g of Cascare in 1l of water and add a lot of ice. Leave the dish in ice water in the refrigerator overnight or. somewhere between 15 – 20 hours. If we use slightly warmer water (no ice), the extraction time will be SHORTER. In this case, use less cascara, or soak the cascara only somewhere around 12 hours. When the cascara has soaked enough, drain the drink, add a lot of ice. In my experience, cascara works very well along with lemon juice, orange juice. This gives us a very refreshing drink with very little caffeine, which is full of antioxidants.

Important: if the cascara is soaked for too long or rather soaking it for too long in too warm water, the cascara will leave a bitter aftertaste.

Cascara tea

Cascara tea: Cascara can also be prepared as tea. Soak one teaspoon of cascara in 2 dl of boiling water. Leave for about 5 minutes and the tea is ready. Here, too, we can add lemon; honey is also very popular.

Cascara is packaged in bags that are CO2 neutral. This means that the company has made sure that emissions from production are kept to a minimum through investment and technology. Of course, emissions still occur in small quantities. Therefore, the company funds organizations that reforest South America, which makes the carbon footprint of the bags and the company itself neutral or even negative.