Jaguara Farm was founded by three friends (Antonio Wander, Rubem Carlos and Rubem Murilo) who planted the first coffee trees in Campo das Vertentes in 2001. The name of the farm is due to the important Quilombola community surrounding the farm, called Jaguara. They are a new generation of young growers who have started to process coffee cherries in new and very unusual ways for Brazil.

The coffee cherries are processed using a natural process, and during the actual process they undergo an anaerobic fermentation for 86 hours, which gives the coffee an incredible freshness and notes of tropical fruit. Nevertheless, the beans retain flavours/notes that are slightly more typical of Brazilian coffees, such as nuts and sweet chocolate.

This coffee is suitable for both a fresh and sweet filter and for an extremely creamy and rich espresso. A real freshness bomb from Brazil !!!

Notes: tropical fruit, citrus
Country: Brasil
Process: anaerobic
Altitude: 100om
Botanical variety: Yellow Bourbon
Coffee score: 86
Recommended preparation: filter & espresso

Net weight: 250g