“Your morning determines your whole day! That’s why it’s essential to start your days with coffees you love. By choosing the highest quality Arabica coffee beans and carefully selecting the roasting profile, I extract unique flavors from each coffee without the need for added aromas. I am a fan of lighter roasts that provide a softer and more enjoyable coffee.”

Luka Banovič

How Banibeans specialty coffee began?

The story and idea of the specialty coffee brand was born when I was only 16 years old. I didn’t like coffee much, mostly because of the taste. Coffee always seemed too bitter to me. I found it weird that people like that their morning coffee was bitter.

I delved into the production processes themselves, as well as roasting and preparation. I found that we can make a decisive impact on the taste by roasting. At the same time, I found a lack of specialty coffee micro roasteries in Slovenia. That’s why in 2018, when I was still 17, Banibeans was born.

I slowly gained more and more knowledge about preparation and roasting and thus also upgraded the offer and products. And today it stands, an online store with high-quality specialty coffees, which are freshly roasted every week in Ljubljana, more precisely in Šiška.

In one place, I offer coffee lovers first-class coffee from all continents. Careful roasting ensures the development of unique tastes and aromas in coffee beans. Each customer can choose the grind size according to their desired preparation.

I am most proud of the coffees from Ethiopia (especially naturals, which always surprise me. Due to the method of production and location, they are an absolute bomb of flavors.

Vision and mission

Banibens’ mission is to enable as many people as possible to drink fresh, high-quality coffee, and at the same time to make people aware of the importance of drinking quality coffee.

I want to enable people to drink the first sustainably oriented cup of coffee in Slovenia while pursuing values based on environmental protection and fair production of coffee beans.

Banibeans Gostovanje v ČRNO ZRNO

Luka Banovic, Banibeans